Baby fact- Your baby’s sense of smell is much stronger than yours and he will use it to get to know you in the early weeks. To help him, try to avoid really strong perfumes, deodorants or washing powder and be aware that some household smells may be quite overpowering for him.

Amazing fact- Your baby is born with very sophisticated hearing and can work out where a sound is coming from just 10 minutes after being born.

Lovely baby fact – Your baby is born to smile. We know this because blind babies also smile, so it’s not just copying.

Baby fact- At birth it takes your baby between five and 10 minutes to get used to something new, but by 3 months it will only take between 30 seconds and two minutes. And at 6 months, your baby will adjust in less than 30 seconds.

Baby fact-  Your newborn baby won’t cry tears for at least three weeks, and sometimes not until he is 4 or 5 months old. Tears contain stress hormones and so crying is a way of helping him calm down. No other animal cries stress tears.

Baby fact-  Touch is one of your baby’s most advanced senses at birth and even premature babies born as early as 25 weeks are aware of being touched. Your baby’s sense of touch develops from head to toe, so her mouth is the first region to become sensitive, which is why young babies put everything in their mouths.

Baby fact –  In your baby’s first year, his brain will double to become half its final size.

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